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's Heeren loo Zorgroep



‘s Heeren Loo Zorggroep helps people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities throughout the Netherlands.

The challenge

Navigating the Internet can be very frustrating for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Not only the navigation can be difficult to handle for some users, but also getting the right content without the risk to click on irrelevant results.

Together with Heathcare professionals, parents and clients, we worked on setting up an interface easy enough to understand and use by several groups of users with different levels of disabilities.

The solution

JIP, Jouw Internet Portal. A simple and fun tailor-made web application to access online content on a platform they love to use.

Music, photos, videos, online games and radios now easily accessible with a finger, a mouse or a single button.

Pictopin. A simpler identification system anyone can use. The password can be set-up by parents or personal assistants and have proven to be much easier to memorize.

Ease of use even for heavy-disabled users thanks to the one-button navigation. Built as a carousel mechanism, the users can even navigate the app with one foot!

Parents & personal assistants stay in control and can login through their own interface to configure and moderate the user account with safe and relevant content.

On September 30th and October 1st 2014, we celebrated the introduction of JIP in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

240 clients became familiar with the portal during these days and were assisted by 240 KPN volunteers.


★ Winner Intra-Net award 2014

User Experience & Content Management

★ Nominated Computable award 2015

IT project of the year in Healthcare

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